Shiny Happy Pain Diva Intro…First Day of (Blog) School


First day of school. That’s what this first attempt at blogging feels like.  Worst yet? It’s MIDDLE SCHOOL.  Does my hair look ok? Do I have something in my teeth? Does my breath stink? Is my dress fashionable enough? <oh gawd, please tell me that my dress isn’t tucked into my underwear!!!>. Do I SMELL BAD?!  Did the cute guy I have a crush on just kiss that girl? *faints*

Ok…it’s ok…pulling my shit together <dusts self off, adjusts tiara>. Let’s do this thang!

Who am I? Good freaking question…I don’t fully have the answer to that, but I’ll tell you what I know.  I’m a wife to a supportive, loving, amazing man (who will argue with me about the amazing part, so I say “hush! You are amazing…because I said so!”), Mom to an adult Son, a nearly adult Son (I really wanted to say “Baby Adult,” but refrained–aren’t you proud of me, Son?) and to a furry toddler (dog). I’m a Sister to several fine women and a couple of men–most hand picked by me, and friend/family member to many. My Chosen Sister, the divine mistress of all that is zombie related, dark, or sinister, along with the Hubbs keep me (relatively) sane–or at least chuckling to myself down the trail to the sanitarium.

I work in a field I love (helping people as a social worker–I like to refer to myself as Glenda the Good Witch of the Social Work World, but many might just agree with the witch part).  My livelihood may be in jeopardy some day due to frequent absences for treatment of multiple chronic illnesses, some of them life threatening. This crushes my heart, as this was truly my dream job.

I live with pain, fatigue, and anxiety daily <that’s why humor is important–especially my friends “Sarcasm” and his close cousin “Self-Deprecation”>. My current battle is with depression–well, that AND my crappy immune system decided I would enjoy a two week bout of pleurisy (Google it–it’s a bag o fun!), as well as a pneumonia-like respiratory infection paired with a delightful bronchitis-esque hacking cough).  Who wouldn’t be a teensy bit depressed with all that?! I’m surprised I’m not sitting in a rubber room, reciting the Jabberwocky,  trying to peel my own skin off like an orange, and attempting to bite my own ear off <note to self: my straight jacket has to be jewel and/or sequin encrusted–for future reference to loved ones>.  (Kudos to Liv, the original ear-biter.)

*sigh* Son’s alarm went off twice. Got to go roust him and grab another hour of snuggle time with the Hubbs before my 9 am doc appt (I have THREE doc visits today…groan…one of which will determine if I’m released for work yet or not).  Wish me luck! <lottery-winning type of luck is most appreciated>



2 thoughts on “Shiny Happy Pain Diva Intro…First Day of (Blog) School

  1. Hello Amazing (because I said so) Sister, wanted to say I love you but not all the stuff you have to battle everyday, a simple like button won’t do. Hoping the docs have some good news and that one of us wins a lottery sometime soon. Meanwhile know that I am blessed more each day by having you in the family. You make the world a better place!


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